Half Moon Bay Orchids

Our History

Located in the beautiful Half Moon Bay area, with a perfect micro climate, over the past 14 years Challenge Horticulture (Half Moon Bay Orchids) dedicates its effort to grow high quality, novelty orchids year round. With customers in mind, Half Moon Bay Orchids offers wide varieties of orchids with very affordable price. 150,000 square feet of automatic climate controlled greenhouse, you can always count on Half Moon Bay Orchids to be the ideal supplier for your orchid needs.

Tradition and Service

Our continuing mission is to supply the highest-quality botanicals to an ever-growing marketplace, while using the most advanced floriculture science and technology for the development of new hybrid and methods of delivery. McLellan Botanicals offers innovation in addition to the personal service we have provided for more than a century. We grow, select, package and ship from our greenhouses and fields to customers around the country- and we have thousands of unique plants ready for you year-round. When you choose McLellan Botanicals, you access a wide array of orchid hybrids and a proven tradition of excellence in service and delivery. Each plant is personally tended and carefully shipped.